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The Chummie Alarm system works!! We tried another alarm system a couple years back and she started sleeping through the alarm. The fact that you can change the alarm sound was the trick (we just had to change it once). The first two weeks I was changing sheets every night but then a drastic shift occurred. Only one accident that third week and she started waking herself up before she wet the bed. I am so thankful for this product. We were still believing the doctor that she would ‘eventually outgrow it’. Maybe she would have but this sure sped things up. Wish we had tried it sooner. Thank you One Stop BedWetting. You are giving kids something freedom & confidence to enjoy camps & sleepovers. We are truly grateful!

- Meredith Myers

First I must preface my comments by saying that my 10 yr old was very motivated and ready to make this change! My 10 yr old daughter had never had a dry night in her life. We always have used pull ups/ Good Night underpants, and if we didn’t use them, she was in for a wet miserable night. We used the New U Wearable alarm. It woke her up when she started to wet, just like it was supposed to do. The first week was sort of wet and messy, the second week she started waking up before really getting sheets wet, just underwear, then week 3&4 she stayed dry completely. We are thrilled with the results! She stayed dry on a trip out of town and at her first overnight camp! She has only had two very minor accidents since training with the alarm. Definitely would recommend this, especially if your child is ready and motivated to stay dry at night. One other little tip. She didn’t like how the alarm clipped up on her shirt, so we make a sash that went around her to clip it on.

- Nancy Martin

I can't believe this worked, but it totally did. My son is finally done wetting the bed (age 10)!

- Kim Maxwell

I was not impressed by the length of time my package waited around in customs between the US and Canada (it was 4 or 5 weeks of waiting), but I did love the product once we got it. It has really helped get my 7 year old son to wake up and go pee in the middle of the night. He's only had one big accident, and a close call a couple other times, but the beeping from the alarm wakes him and he's able to get to the toilet on time. I'm quite satisfied with my purchase.

- Sarah Neill

This alarm is really a 6 week miracle. For a mom who has been doing laundry for her daughter for the last 5 years, this bedwetting alarm was a blessing. Started using right after her 5th birthday and within 6 weeks, she has stopped bedwetting for good. It's a highly effective system for deep sleepers and the customer support is very friendly and responsive.

- Mary Spencer

We spent 2 years with the "they will out grow it" response. Finally we purchased this product and boy did it work. It took some getting used to the alarm and making sure the child woke up and went to the bathroom. A few weeks in the routine was learned and we didnt need to check any longer. 2 months and we are accident and pull up free! Highly recommend!

- Dan Christian

So far so good. Big change in our situation. We highly recommend this product. We could see a change in the first 2 weeks. This is a 9-year old boy whom we never tried to train, thinking he would eventually stop automatically. He didn't. Now, two months later, he gets up in the very early morning to go to the bathroom before the device goes off. We only used the vibration, no alarm. We're almost there! Thanks, OSB!

- Arnold Baruch

I am truly impressed with the personalized support I received from the One Stop support team. My son was already 7 and was bed wetting. I was overwhelmed when I saw so many alarms on the website but narrowed down on the Smart Bedwettting Alarm. I also chatted with a specialist to confirm it was a good choice. And it was! It took 9 weeks for him to completely stop bed wetting and whenever I had questions, I simply chatted online or called up the company. Thanks guys. A very fruitful experience.

- Patricia Miller

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how happy and excited I am with your product and wonderful support. I have recommended One Stop Bedwetting to all my friends in Japan and they also have pleasant experiences to share with you.

- Kito Ashara

I truly appreciate the support your team has provided through the treatment. The follow up emails were very helpful. A wonderful experience in purchasing a bedwetting alarm. Will recommend to everyone.

- Sam Smith

The site was easy to navigate and your selection is amazing. I wished I had looked at the coupons before so I could have saved some money. The alarm worked very wel and we are proud parents of a very happy 7 year old boy.

- Blair Gibbons

Thanks for making purchase of a bedwetting alarm simple, fun and stress free. I appreciate the help and advise your team gave me. Kudos for a wonderful job.

- Tonya McGarrah

You guys have been very helpful with assisting me help my son. I really appreciate the support and dedication that your customer support division has given me. I will be recommending your product and services to everyone. - Will

- William Ting

Thanks for all the help your specialist in helping me select the right product for my son. It has made a huge difference in his life and I'm very grateful for the same.

- Yale Troutman

For someone who shops a lot on the internet I think your site is fantastic your great customer support is an added asset.

- Shamira Khan

Great product an affordable price. I'm glad I found your website and I like the product that you sold me it has made a huge difference in my daughter's life. Thank you for your customer support it's simply amazing.

- Anna Weiaterman

The best site for anything and everything bedwetting. Great customer support.

- Matt Wilson

You guys have been very helpful in helping my son stop Bedwetting. I appreciate your continued support and excellent. I highly recommend your site to all my friends

- McJill Bella

This is a review for Chummie Premium. I cant stop raving about how good this product is. It's made such a big difference in my sons life.

- Jennifer Jennings

This is an awesome site. I like your product selection and offering. The free shipping is definitely a plus... Good going. Keep it up.

- Daniel Mills

For Rewards Page: This is a great program. I can shop and get free points and even redeem them for products I may need in the future. I love shopping at One Stop Bedwetting

- Bonnie

It’s nice to finally have a site that understands my personal needs and makes it easier to shop for bedwetting products. The website is so easy to navigate and has a ton of valuable information

- Nikki

One Stop Bedwetting has the largest and best selection of products to help families and children. I love that you guys give free shipping and stand by your products

- Sam

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